As soon as you have the much-coveted board in your hands, an adventure starts.An adventure in which you will play the leading role. We are very interested in your stories about this adventure! Feel free to share them with us at Powfinder.com  Facebook Instagram or wePowder Before shipment, we have carefully checked your board and packed it accordingly  We assume that your Powfinder has arrived in a perfect condition

Before riding  your new Powfinder in fresh powder or groomed slopes, we have some tips for an even better ride.


Sharpening your edges and waxing your snowboard is merely considered to be a maintenance job. However: to improve your riding experience on a brand new snowboard we advice to consider sharpening your edges and hotwax your base.


It’s all about 'Factory settings'  All technical equipment like TV sets or smartphones have  factory settings. Powfinder snowboards are also delivered with standard factory settings.


The steel edges on your new Powfinder are mechanically sharpened in a standard angle. It gives you the opportunity to sharpen the edges as you like them best. The standard factory angles on snowboards edges are:  90 ° / 0 °
You can ride the mountain with these standard settings, but there might be circumstances where you would prefer to ride with adjusted steel edge angles.


The side edge is the edge you are looking at if you lay the board flat on a table. It’s the side that makes contact with the sidewall of your board. This side comes at a square angle (90 °) with the base of your board. This square angle can be reduced by a few degrees with the right tools. It gives you the chance to ride with a sharper angle.It makes carving with a solid edge hold much easier when the snow conditions aren’t perfect. It  simply provides you outstanding grip on hard- or icy snowpack.

The adjustment of the angle of the side edge can be done by yourself. All it takes is some practice and the right tools. Don’t know for sure? Check our product care and repair page and get get the help from a pro.


The base edge is physically the same as the side edge but seen from another perspective:  It’s the edge you see when you look at the base of your board. This edge comes at a standard  0 ° degrees. This edge is flat and lines smoothly with the base of your board. You might consider adjusting the angle of the base edge by 0,5º or 1º.

“Can I go out there with unchanged angles of the base edge?”

Everyone remembers their first experience with those easy rides on gentle slopes, where your board suddenly got edge grip and threw you out of the saddle like a rodeo bull…. luckily there are tuning options to prevent this edge bite with a slightly adjusted angle.

A slight adaption of the angle of 0.5 ° to max 1 ° in the base edge significantly reduces the risk of so-called biting. The adjustment of the angle of the base edge can be done by yourself, or get the help from a pro at your local snowboard shop.

A frequently used setting is:  88 ° Side edge / 0.5 ° base edge.


 Powfinder snowboards are produced with high-quality materials. Our sintered bases are designed to absorb and hold snowboard wax as much as possible. This to make sure Powfinder Snowboards are the fastest boards on the mountain if waxed well. Our snowboards are delivered with a thin layer of factory wax

 “Can I make my first turns with just the factory wax layer?”

 For sure. Enjoy the ride! However, depending on the snow conditions, this standard wax might be not enough to let you slide smooth for a longer period of time.  We recommend apply hot wax prior to the first run on your brand new Powfinder. There are various types of wax available. As a freerider, you don’t have to win a world cup race and using a basic wax is often sufficient. Please note that to use a type of snowboard wax appropriate to the actual snow condition.



  • Keep your edges sharp. It provides a better ride, it also extends its  lifespan 
  • Do not change the side edge angle less than 87 ° This limits the chance of damage on the edge.
  • Do not change the base edge angle larger than 1 °
  • Wax in time and wax regularly.
  • In the first period the Powfinder base will absorb a lot of wax and will becomeincreasingly faster
  • Be extremely cautious with (liquid) base cleaners. Rather use a brush for cleaning your base.