Our newborn: the Split 157

May we introduce to you our Powfinder Split 157. After extensive testing we constructed a board that performs equally well as our solid 157. Or even better as some of the testers dare to say. 

No better way to escape resort powder stress than by strapping into a splitboard and going for a walk. Nine times out of ten you’ll find better snow in the backcountry than the resort and you’ll always cross less tracks.

First prototype
The first template of the Split 157 was a thin piece of plywood shaped and cut at our atelier a few years ago. We used the outline shape of the Morris 157 Signature Serie and started working with it. With this first draft we started prototyping until we found the ideal board: the Split 157. 

Light weight, strong performer
We didn't want to compromise. Our desired outcome is easy enough to understand: having a lighter board lets you do more laps in a day but we didn't want to sacrifice perfomance once going down. After several tests we knew we had found the answer. The result is a board that weighs less than 3 kilograms/6.6 pounds.

Our Split 157 will be available for winter '19-'20 in limited quantities. In the upcoming newsletters we will reveal more specifications of our Split 157.

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