Which board size fits best?
In general Powfinders can be ridden a bit shorter and wider than average. Don't be afraid to go for a shorter length: The boards float very well due to their increased  surface and specific shape. Experience has learned us the following:

149: Best for light weight riders, young guns or girls. The 149 will also suit average sized riders who like an even more playful ride. 
157: Best for average sized riders who love to ride every where. The 157 will also suit bigger riders who like an even more playful ride or smaller riders that like a stiffer, longer board and longer turn
164: The board for large or average sized riders that like a stiffer, longer board and longer turns. The 164 will also suit average sized riders with strong legs that like a stiffer, longer board and longer turn 

Check our complete size guide for more details. Our boards are made for intermediate and advanced riders all the way to the expert powfinders among us. Still in doubt? Get in touch!

Why are you using bamboo?
We use bamboo in all our boards. We have been designing snowboards around bamboo cores since 2007. Bamboo is strong, light, eco friendly and gives our boards a unique stability and liveliness not found with any other material. All our cores are handmade out of a mix of bamboo and wood.

What is Powfinder tech?
All our boards are equipped with Powfinder Tech. There is a lot of bamboo inside, they have an extremely durable black sintered base and all our swallowtails come with full wrap metal edges. More details can be found here.

Can I ride my Powfinder switch?
Yes, of course. Riding switch is possible with all our boards. Our tail shapes have enough tail rocker to make it happen. Riding our boards switch on groomers is no problem (if you can ride a normal board switch ;)). Landing and riding switch in powder will take some more skills and practicing though.

Can I test a Powfinder?

Yes, you can try before you buy. We have some demo boards available for test purposes. Head out to our 'Test a Powfinder' page and check out the possibilities.

How can I receive free stickers from Powfinder?
We would love to have every Powfinder fan to receive free stickers. Just send an email to info@powfinder.com with your name and address.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?
Customers living in the Netherlands and Belgium will have their order in one or two working days. Delivery to European Countries  -including Norway and Switzerland-  will take an average 3 to 4 working days. Customers living in the US and Canada will receive their Powfinder within 4 to 5 working days. Shipping to Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Argentina will take up to one week to arrive. If you are running a thight ship, make sure you place your order in time. Check our shipping page for more details.

How can I track my order?
Along with your shipping confirmation you will receive a specific tracking link. If you have any problems opening this link, have additional quetions or in the rare case when delivery is taking longer than usual, contact us on info@powfinder.com. We are glad to help you out.

There is a problem with my order. What should I do?
As we are only human, mistakes can happen. If you have received your order and there is something not quite right, please let us know right away. You can call our friendly CSO (Customer Service Officer) on +31 (0) 6 42 24 38 18 

When is the next Powfinder Sale?
We don't run sales.Since we only sell directly to the end consumer, we are able to cut out the middle man. This allows us to deliver the highest quality snowboards for a descent price offer you. Besides that our shapes and designs will remain the same for several years. In this way we are all saving cost, waste and energy. This is the most sustainable way for us, for you and our Planet.

How do I get a pre-order Discount?
There is only one moment  that we offer our boards for a lower price. We always launch our new line with a pre order discount. To make sure you won't miss this massive discount make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. 

I’ve damaged my favourite Powfinder board. What can I do?  
No worries: We have our very own in-house repair gurus. They are specialized in reviving your beloved Powfinder board. Simply email your images and questions to info@powfinder.com or head to our Product Care and Repairs page

How do I store my Powfinder Board for summer?
First of all make sure it is dry. Don't let is sweat in your humid board bag. Rusty edges may be the result after a few months. Secondly give it a nice layer of wax to make sure that your base won't dry out and last but not least store it in a shady dry place. 

How do I maintain my Bamboo Powfinder board?
On our Product Care and Repairs you will find all information you need for optimal maintenance. Please read the page carefully and act accordingly.

The item I want is showing as out of stock. When is the restock?
All of our stock is sold online. If your favorite model is sold out we advise to you to pre order your board. In this way you will have your board in time for the next winter. Besides we have a demo fleet, if you really want a certain model we can check the availability. Just send us an email at info@powfinder.com.

Any other questions left?
Drop us a line, give us a call or contact us through Facebook or Instagram