The first prototype of the Morris Signature was released in 2010 and ready to test. A wide surfy style snowboard that made every tester smile and even inspired a friend who is head designer at a global snowboard brand to sketch something different. 

Although we set out to create the best performing powder board we have ever dreamed of, in the end we made a snowboard that was riding incredible everywhere. After all these prototyping and test cycles we were ready to offer it to the world. With loads of smiles and happy faces as a result.

The Signature Series combines supreme materials and outstanding performance with a simple, clean and classic design. With extra bamboo in the core, bamboo sidewalls and a bamboo topsheet we guarantee pop, stability and liveliness. Shaped and developed by “Meteo Morris” and the POWFINDER Crew. For winter '20-'21 we updated the Signature with a new topsheet design and a new bamboo topsheet with 20mm instead of 5mm strokes. 

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