If you are living outside the EU, then you can order your Powfinder board Tax Free! Customers from outside the EU do not have to pay the regular price including 21% VAT. On our product pages you will also find the prices shown in Euros excluding VAT.

If you want to buy your Powfinder Snowboard VAT free, send us a mail including your international shipping adress. We will send you a coupon code which will enable a Tax free purchase. It is important that billing and shipping adress are outside the EU! 

We ship our Powfinder Snowboards frequently worldwide to:

- The USA
- Canada
- Switzerland
- Norway
- Japan
- Australia
...and many more

Please note that you are responsible for taxes and duties which may be charged upon your delivery. For any specific questions about your purchase, don't hesitate to contact us on info@powfinder.com. Enjoy the ride!