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Build on decades of Freeride experience

Hi, we are Haas and Morris. For almost thirty years we have been chasing storms to ride the best powder and surf the cleanest waves in the best conditions possibilities.

Three decades in which we founded wePowder, participated in several snowboard test teams, rode all kinds of shapes, builded our own snowboards, travelled the world in a quest for powder and made friends all over the place. Led by the storms we (re)discovered a lot of hidden gems in the Alps. 

In 2007 Steven van Veen Steven van Veen, founder of BMB ski, introduced us to the beauty of bamboo. Steven invited us to built our own prototype snowboards at his woodshop atelier. Short after we released our first full bamboo snowboard. A stubby wide but rather short swallowtail. Five inspiring years followed. But Disaster struck. On November the 12th 2012 Steven was caught by an avalanche. It left us devastated.

In 2016 we met Sander Kuipers who lit the fire: A brand new bamboo adventure started. We started Powfinder Snowboards almost 3 years ago with an aim to disrupt an ageing, conservative industry by making better and more sustainable products for the powder community and to preserve the hidden gems and their local communities.

Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you on the hill. 

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