Powfinder Snowboards: Build on decades of Freeride experience

For over thirty years the guys behind Powfinder have been chasing storms to ride fresh powder and surf the cleanest  waves in the best conditions possible. At first as separate individuals, but more and more as a crew of powder buddies along the way.

It’s been a ride with many ups, but also with the lowest downs. In these decades they traveled many countries, made lots of new friends and rode all kinds of boards. All these years just one thing remained the same: the endless search for that ultimate feeling. Nothing beats the euphoric state of mind you get from riding the deepest pow or endless waves. 

The early days

1995 - 2007 It must have been during the memorable winter of 1995 when Folkert and Morris first met. They have been riding powder together since.

Every winter was spent in the Alps. At first at fixed hang outs embedded in local communities. Their longing for the freshest snow, unspoiled lines and deep conditions became a quest: chasing powder. The biggest dumps led them to a lot of hidden gems in the Alps.

Both guys participated in a lot of snowboard test teams. This gave them the chance to ride and compare numerous swallowtail and specific powder snowboards. Inspired by the variety of boards they rode they sketched their first drafts of boards to come.

2007  Morris co-founded wePowder and launched his first freeride "Bible", the legendary wePowder Guide combined with a website. Nowadays the fastest growing pan European Freeride platform.  

2007  Steven van Veen, founder of BMB ski, introduced Morris and Folkert to the beauty of bamboo. Steven invited them to built their own prototype snowboards at his woodshop atelier.

2008 Morris and Folkert released their first full bamboo snowboard. A stubby wide but rather short swallowtail. 

2009 -2012 Morris and Folkert designed a lot of bamboo boards, tested them thoroughly and improved their prototypes. Rumors traveled fast and a growing number of riders came to Stevens workshop to built and design a bamboo board or bamboo pair of skis. 

2012  Disaster struck. On November the 12th Steven was caught by an avalanche. It left Morris and Folkert devastated. Lacking motivation family and friends dismantled the BMB workshop.

2013 - 2015  Morris and Folkert traveled around the world and rode numerous lines in remembrance of Steven. It took them quite some years to regain the motivation to start building snowboards again.

2015 - 2017  A brand new bamboo adventure starts. Build on their shared experience they rediscovered and tested fine blends, developed new shapes and combined them with proven rides.

2017  Powfinder Snowboards was founded. The brand released firstborn  the Morris 157 Signature Shape as its flagship. 

2017 - 2018  Powfinder launched the Morris 164 Signature Shape for bigger guys and bigger lines.

2018 New for 2018: the SURFR series and the Limited Edition. The Morris 149 is launched. A snowsurfer especially designed for the smaller rider. The Powfinder line now exist of three different models in three different sizes.



Meteo Morris
, godfather and designer of the Morris Signature Shapes. Life long powder and storm chaser with a background in Political Sciences and Organizational Behavior. Founder and lead forecaster of the pan European freeride platform wePowder -serving powder to the people since 2007. 

'Haas 'Haanstra
craftsman, woodworker and shaper of Powfinder prototypes. Always working on some new models. Has fallen in love with Bamboo and its amazing flex pattern. Life long powder chaser. Has a background in avalanche and snow safety.

Snowboard-veteran. Has been traveling through the Alps for ages. Graphic Designer. In charge of the Powfinder graphics and marketing 

Powfinder Snowboards
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