At Powfinder we live snowboarding. Our goal is to make the best snowboards possible, made of the best materials available. Every snowboard we design is thoroughly tested in the Alps. Every Powfinder snowboard is constructed with:

  • Bamboo
  • Sintered bases
  • Full wrap metal edges
  • Powfinder Camber

All our boards are bamboo based. Bamboo is a strong and environmental friendly material. It gives our Powfinder Snowboards an unique stability and liveliness not found in any other material.  We make sure that all our cores are carefully handcrafted with bamboo and a selection of various types of wood. Although the process to make bamboo fit our cores is rather expensive we are convinced by its supreme characteristics. Bamboo offers a smoother ride at higher speeds, it lets you land the cliffs you drop much easier and it will give you just that extra grip you need at your high speed carves. 

SURFR. core: 8 Bamboo stringers running from tip to tail laminated with poplar for lightweight, durability and liveliness.

Signature core10 Bamboo stringers running from tip to tail laminated with poplar for extra pop, more durability and energetic liveliness.

Limited coreEspecially designed for high performance riding. The special blend returns the energy like no other. 10 Bamboo stringers running from tip to tail laminated with a blend of paulownia and poplar. Super lightweight combined with an outstanding bamboo flex.


Powfinder snowboards are equipped with some of the most expensive, highest quality, durable and fastest sintered bases around. A sintered base has a higher molecular weight that provides added durability, speed and maximum wax absorption. Depending on the model it varies between Black P-Tex 4001 and our premium Black P-Tex 5000+ Electra graphite bases. 


 All shapes are finished with full wrap metal edges. From the tip, all around our swallowtail and back, this metal edge prevents damage caused by impact and offers a maximum protection. Our steel edges are heat treated to Rockwell 48 standards for better impact resistance.



We use rocker in the nose and camber under the foot to mix the best of both worlds. The nose-rocker prevents nosedives when it gets deep, while the camber gives the board extra side bite and energy once the board is ridden on the edges. The tail rocker also allows you to kick in some switch riding or 180 turns. Our design offers maximum maneuverability, reduces resistance and makes your board float better.