This is why we reward early birds and assure you that you don't pay too much.

Why buy old and form last season with a discount when you can also buy new with a discount? We rather reward loyalty than bargain hunters.

Anyone who produces too much causes overcapacity. The result is too much stock ending up with end of season sales and bargain hunters. This overcapacity ensures that loyal customers who are the first to buy a new board pay too much. Maintaining stock costs money (storage and pre-financing) and causes extra costs. In addition, the discounts that are given at the end of the season will ensure extra pressure on the profit margins. To counter this, the normal selling price is set higher at the start of the season. Last but not least, overcapacity in the production sphere also causes unnecessary CO2 emissions. The result is that loyal customers and early birds pay extra while bargain hunters are rewarded, we think that is strange.

We turn things around. We reward early birds and regular customers. That way we lower our costs for storage and pre financing and you will see that reflected in the pre-order price. If you order a Powfinder board after the pre-order period, you will pay the normal but higher price. This higher price reflects the costs that we have to incur for storage and pre-financing of production.

"buy now, pay less, get a new board"

And bargain hunters? We don't do that. We do not work with a discount at the end of the season simply because our stock is limited and we always sell out during the winter. We may miss a number of sales, but we are sure that you are not paying too much and that we are not unnecessarily pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

That's why we turned things around. Order on time and score 20% pre order discount with the code 20% STOKED.


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