157 Split + Skins
157 Split + Skins
157 Split + Skins
157 Split + Skins
157 Split + Skins
157 Split + Skins

157 Split + Skins

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We have spent hundreds of hours in skintracks. Not only to test and develop our 157 Split but also to find a skin that would perfectly fit our board and the conditions they are meant for. High performance skins will not only deliver you to your dream lines, but must get you back home safe and sound. Montana Skins met all our requirements

Our Skins are made in Switzerland at Montana, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.The skins are fully customized to fit our Split 157. Thanks to precision laser cutting, the climbing skin is cut exactly to the shape of our board and ready for action. 

The mixture of mohair (65%) and synthetic (35%) fibers makes the MONTAMIX particularly robust and durable. The inclusion of nylon increases the lifespan and provides excellent climbing properties with good gliding characteristics at all temperature ranges.

Combined with the Montana tail clamp and tip clip you will have the perfect Split and Skin combo. Especially since we include the Montana Skinny skin sock in the package. The Montana Skinny replaces the normal protecitve netting during your tours. Easier to use in windy conditions and less weight in your pack

157 Split + Skins Package Includes:

The Powfinder Split 157, one pair of lasercut customized Montana MONTAMIX orange skins, 'Montana Skinny' skin sock, Skin bag and Protection net.

If you want to ride specific split board bindings on your Powfinder Split 157 we suggest you to order them at our retail partner Snowcountry

Please note that UNION bindings do not fit on our split.

In general Powfinder Snowboards can be ridden a bit shorter and wider than you would do normal. Don't be afraid to go for a shorter length. The boards float very well due to their specific shapes and increased surface. Experience has learned us the following:

149: Best for light weight riders, young guns or girls. The 149 will also suit average sized riders who like an more playful ride. 

* waist wide: 255 mm
* boot size (EU): up to size 43
* rider weight: 40-74 kg

157: Best for average sized riders who love to ride every where. The 157 will also please bigger riders who like more playful ride. The 157 could also be the weapon of choice for smaller riders that like a stiffer, longer board and enjoy to ride those longer turns.

* waist wide: 270 mm
* boot size (US men/EU): will fit up to 46
* rider weight: 50-95 kg

164: Especially designed for the taller  and “plus size” rider: Bigger boys need bigger toys. The Morris 164 signature has a waist width of 28 cm, ideal for riders with the largest feet The 164 will also please powerful, average sized riders who like a stiffer, longer board to enjoy those longer turns.

* waist wide: 280 mm
* boot size (US men/EU): will fit most boots
* rider weight: 65 - 115+ kg

Our boards are made for intermediate and advanced riders all the way to the expert powfinders among us. Still in doubt? Get in touch!