Our 157's are the best selling boards in our range. They suit most of the riders and with a splitboard and three different flex patterns to choose from there is always a 157 that will fit. The 157 is best for average sized riders who love to ride every where but will also please bigger riders who like a more playful ride. 

Want to explore the deeper Backcountry? The 157 Split is the answer. Want to charge hard, ride steep lines and make solid drops? Go for the Morris 157. Looking for some damp in the board and want to ride the best of the best? Go for the Limited 157. Looking for a powder board with a friendlier flex? The SURFR 157 is your board. 

* waist wide: 270 mm
* boot size (EU): will fit up to 46

Rider weight:

* SURFR: 50-80 kg
* Signature: 60-95 kg
* Limited: 55-90 kg
* The Split: 55-95 kg

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