Our 164's are the go to boards for every one who is to big or tall, or has feet to big for the 157. With a wide of 28 cm the 164 can accommodate even the biggest feet. With three different flex patterns to choose from there is always a 164 that will fit. The 164 is especially designed for the taller and “plus size” rider. The 164 will also please powerful, average sized riders who like a stiffer, longer board.

Want to charge hard, ride steep lines and make huge drops? Go for the Morris 164. When you are a little bit lighter, looking for some damp in the board and want to ride the best of the best? Go for the Limited 164. Looking for a powder board with a friendlier flex? The SURFR 164 is your board. 

  • waist wide: 280 mm
  • boot size: will fit most boots

Rider weight:

  • SURFR: 65-95+ kg
  • Signature: 75-110+ kg
  • Limited: 70-105 kg

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