Robbert Schippers is one of our early adaptors. He is living in Engelberg Switzerland and chases powder whenever he can. In the video below he rides the Powfinder Split 157.

It's early december 2019 when the South side of the Alps is loaded with powder.  Robbert Schippers, Roel van der Laan, Popski and Michiel Neyens decide to go on a mission. With a car  fully loaded with expedition gear and some nice plans. Their goal is a beautiful peak somewhere above the tiny hamlet of Alpe Devero. The plan is simple: skin with a sled up, set up a base camp and then climb the couloirs. 

But what if there is wind, too much wind, with tricky avalanche conditions as a result? What if your plans turn out to be too risky? Then park that plan for later in the season, have a godd discussion with each other, pack everything up again and drive to that part of the Alps where there is enough snow, the lifts are still closed and a wonderful north face is waiting for you. Lagalb became the new destination, a mountain opposite the Diavolezza in the Engadin. Skinning up over the still closed slopes towards the top and then this as a reward.

Lovely snow, wonderful images and that early season. A nice lesson for all of us from these four gentlemen. If you think carefully, you always ride powder somewhere without taking too many risks.

Rider: Robbert Schippers
Photos: Michiel Neyens
Camera: Roel van der Laan, Michiel Neyens, Robbert Schippers

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