Limited Tech Highlights

Our Limited Editions are something special. Just like all our boards, the limited edition are packed with Powfinder Tech. There is a lot of bamboo inside, they have an extremely durable black sintered base and all our swallowtails come with full wrap metal edges. But there is more.



Our limited core is engineered out of a special blend of 10 bamboo stringers laminated with lightweight paulownia and poplar for a softened flex, supreme edge hold and an energetic liveliness. This guarantees a super lightweight board combined with an outstanding bamboo flex. The carbonized transparent top-sheet reveals a bit of the magic that lies beneath. 



Our limited series are equipped with polyurethane sidewalls. Polyurethane is commonly used in skateboard wheels and race car bushings to provide a smoother ride. Polyurethane (or PU) is a polymer material known for its energy absorption, durability, and elasticity. Compared to traditional ABS sidewalls, PU’s superior elasticity gives our snowboards a whole new level of damping and increases durability by 30%. 



The electra graphite sintered base on our limited series is one of the most durable high speed bases on the market. It simply keeps you going where others strap out and hike.