Signature tech highlights

It all started with our Signature Series. The Signature series are equipped with Powfinder Tech, There is a lot of bamboo inside, they have an extremely durable black sintered base and all our swallowtails come with full wrap metal edges. But there is more. The Signature Series are completely packed with bamboo. We use it in the core, for the sidewalls and our topsheets too. Why? Because we love bamboo.



Our Signature Core has a special blend of bamboo and poplar resulting in a light weight, extremely energetic, stable snowsurfer with loads of pop and a supreme edge hold. It has 10 bamboo stringers running from tip to tail laminated with poplar. Bamboo has a tensile strength that rivals that of steel and a very high coefficient of restitution meaning that it will snap back to its original shape time after time. It gives our Signature snowboards that energetic and very lively feel. 



Our Signature series are equipped with bamboo sidewalls. Bamboo sidewalls dampens chatter and will make you board pop harder. Our bamboo sidewalls create a smooth tensional flex that keeps our boards stable at high speed and rock hard landings. Bamboo also has a lower impact on the environment since it is a renewable, sustainable natural material



The electra graphite sintered base on our limited series is one of the most durable high speed bases on the market. It simply keeps you going where others strap out and hike