SURFR tech highlights

The SURFR series are equipped with Powfinder Tech, just like all our other boards. There is a lot of bamboo inside, they have an extremely durable black sintered base and come with full wrap metal edges. But there is more: our SURFR Series are built around the versatile SURFR core and are equipped with sintered sidewalls.



Our SURFR core is constructed out of 8 bamboo stringers and lightweight poplar for lightweight, durability and liveliness. This guarantees pop, supreme edgehold and stability. 


Our SURFR series are equipped with UHMW-PE sidewalls. This material is basically the same as a (Ultra High Molecular Weight) sintered base. Compared to traditional ABS sidewalls UHMW-PE is very impact resistant and works well at cold temperatures. These sidewalls  have less damping and elasticity than the sidewalls we use for our Signature and Limited series.   



This is not the high end material we use for our Signature and Limited series, but still one of the best base materials available at an affordable price. UHMW Polyethylene is selected for durability and wax absorption. 

Everybody deserves a Powfinder The SURFR series is an exceptional start